My BFF got married over the weekend, it was so beautiful! She has been with her husband for 9 years so it was time! They are so in love and I was so honored to stand next to her as her matron of honor. The wedding was on a beach in South Lake Tahoe so it was gorgeous. We had so much fun and it was great to see my babies dressed up and taking their jobs seriously. They all did so well.

The hubs gave my "niece" a ring at the beginning of the ceremony to show her how he is not only devoted to her mother but to her as well. That might have been the sweetest thing ever! It was so great, he has been around since she was 4 and he is way more of a father to her than her bio dad.

I love them all so much and I am so grateful that my family and I get to be a part of their fairy tale!

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