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another friday, another busy weekend ahead

having 3 kids is awesome but it wears you out sometimes. my oldest is a cheerleader and in girl scouts, tomorrow morning she has a game and tomorrow evening she has a girls scout event. throw a birthday party in the middle and we have a full day of sugar loaded, tired kids! should be an exciting day for us.

My little girl

My oldest cheered in her first game yesterday and it was so cute!

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Mom Powered Media proudly presents the Dyson DC24 Giveaway

Dyson "The Ball" DC24 Vacuum

Impress yourself with your beautiful floors when you use the Dyson DC24 All-Floors Lightweight Upright Vacuum. Ultra lightweight and compact makes vacuuming with this machine effortless. The Dyson "Ball" technology turns the vacuum on a dime with no loss of suction, combined with the patented Root Cyclone technology makes this one extreme powerhouse of clean.

Dyson "The Ball" DC24 All-Floors Lightweight Upright Vacuum Includes:

  • Bristle brush

  • Product manual

Product Features:

  • Clear hygienic dust collection bin - empty the bin with a push of a button

  • Lifetime washable HEPA filter - requires no maintenance and lasts for the life of the vacuum

  • Fingertip brush control - turn brushbar on and off at the touch of a button

  • Motorized brushbar - powerful bristles remove dirt and pet hair from carpets

  • On-board tool storage - brush, stair and crevice tools store right on your vacuum so they're always on hand

  • Reversible wand - for dual usage

  • On-board tool storage - brush, stair and crevice tools store right on your vacuum so they're always on hand

  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America


Many vacuums use filters to trap dirt, which can cause clogs and suction problems. But Dyson, maker of the world's first cyclonic bagless vacuum, features technology that uses centrifugal force to separate dirt out of the airflow, so the vacuum doesn't clog. Dyson proves no loss of suction using the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard. As the only vacuum to be certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and featuring Clean Exhaust Air, it's easy to see why Dyson is an excell
ent choice for all your floor surfaces.

Summer Cloth Giveaway

Welcome to the Summer Cloth Giveaway. Several work at home mom's have come together to offer you the chance to win several handmade/homemade items. There are 10 winners will win 10 different prizes!
OS Ai2 diaper with PUL outter, fleece inner
Burp cloth and bib set. Flannel on one side and soft minky on the other
Sippy cup/toy leash and toy/book holder set. Toy/book holder can be hung on stroller, head reast on back of a vehicle seat, etc. to store toys or books
Small security blanket and pacifier clip set. Blanket is about 15"x20", is woven cotton on one side soft minky on the other
Barefeet flowers and matching head band
Set of 12 flannel and chenille wipes
Mamacloth. Top suede cloth and zorb inner
Crocheted outfit. Size 0-6 months
OS Pocket Diaper with inner suede
OS Fleece Cover
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busy week

we have been super busy lately. my oldest started cheer which means a lot more for me to do. naturally that meant that everyone in the house would get sick, so i was dealing with sick and whiny kids along with work and everything else i have on my daily to do list. my youngest started physical therapy yesterday and my sister in law moved from another state closer to all of us. now its friday again and i have not done as much as i hoped to.

we took the kids to the state fair last weekend, and they had a great time! we were fortunate that a friend gave us free tickets to enter the fair and then 2 times random strangers walked up to us and gave us tickets for the rides.

all week i have been decluttering my house, it needs it so much, and i feel so good after i look at a room and how much nicer it looks. i started with all the kids clothes. luckily i have a friend with 2 daughters just under my 2 daughters ages that love their hand me downs and my son's clothes go to goodwill.

how has your week been? anything spectacular happen?
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