busy week

we have been super busy lately. my oldest started cheer which means a lot more for me to do. naturally that meant that everyone in the house would get sick, so i was dealing with sick and whiny kids along with work and everything else i have on my daily to do list. my youngest started physical therapy yesterday and my sister in law moved from another state closer to all of us. now its friday again and i have not done as much as i hoped to.

we took the kids to the state fair last weekend, and they had a great time! we were fortunate that a friend gave us free tickets to enter the fair and then 2 times random strangers walked up to us and gave us tickets for the rides.

all week i have been decluttering my house, it needs it so much, and i feel so good after i look at a room and how much nicer it looks. i started with all the kids clothes. luckily i have a friend with 2 daughters just under my 2 daughters ages that love their hand me downs and my son's clothes go to goodwill.

how has your week been? anything spectacular happen?

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